“Adding” a microUSB port to a HDMI recorder

So the device is here… But it is not what I wanted…

Apparently there are two types of this device on eBay that look identical, one with a microUSB port, one without. I, of course, accidentally bought the one without the microUSB port. So what is missing from the non-microUSB version? I suspect that if I can figure out the parts missing from the board and fill these in, I might add the missing USB-to-PC functionality I am looking for. The only way to find out is to open it up.

Okay, the PCB layout looks OK to me, and there is no major part missing from the board. Wait a second: There is already a microUSB port there on the board, the only thing missing on this product is a cut-out for the port on the casing.

That’s… That is one of the worst designs I’ve seen in a while. It took some serious courage to make this design decision.

The only thing left for me to do is to dremel out a hole on the casing.

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