Etch-A-Sketch Pro – Rotary Encoders as Mouse(s)

I recently got a few of those rotary encoders – I was planning to make them into a follow-focus system. It’s a two part process: 1 – make a USB interface for them; 2 – make software that uses Canon’s EDSDK to interface with my camera.

So I decided to start on 1, then I got a bit carried away and got this monstrosity made – an Etch-A-Sketch for computers, because everything deserves rotary encoders.

Etch-A-Sketch Pro in Action

If you look very closely, each of the encoders has it’s own plug, since each is a independent USB HID device.

Printing the Knob
Glamour Shot for the Encoder – Notice the Comic Sans?

Next step for the monstrosity, given that I now have two computer-connected knobs side-by-side, is Pong. And then I can return to the original plan of making a camera accessory.

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